Do you want to see some of England's most historic cities and landmarks? Do you want to participate in story workshops and have fun? Then this tour is for you!


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Dates: May 11 - May 26, 2019

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 Current Estimated Total Cost (including airfare): $2995* 
(Last update: 2/1/2019 - 4:23: PM)
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*Subject to change

After having bicycled England for five summers, I led a Storytelling Tour in 2016 with five students. Then, in 2017, Pam & I led the tour with another five colleagues. We are now organizing this Tour for the summer of 2019.

If you love to tell stories, talk about stories, craft stories, have fun and see the sights with friends, then this tour is for you. In 2016, we spent ten days on the ground, touring, laughing and having loads of fun! In 2017 we had twelve days. This year's plan is to spend a full two weeks - 14 days touring these iconic sites.

This tour is on trains and busses, so anyone can come and enjoy. Listeners are welcome too!

The tour and mini-workshops will be lead by me and my friend and colleague, Pam Faro.

Pam has been telling since 1988 and has traveled the world. In 2008 she gave performances and workshops across eastern Australia; in 2010 she performed and taught in England, Italy, and Germany; 2011 she taught and performed in Canada. In 2012 Pam performed at the Rome International Storytelling Festival and at the Beyond the Border Wales International Storytelling Festival and told “Uncle Olaus Survives the Titanic” – the true story of her great-uncle who survived the tragedy.

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